Hoe.com is an online rewards destination based in Seattle, WA. It enables users to earn Hoe e-Points by doing different online activities such as searching, shopping, participating in surveys, playing games, discovering, answering polls, registering on web site and much more. Users can then redeem those points for gift cards, PayPal Cash and other rewards.

Members on Hoe.com are able to earn and redeem Hoe ePoints in different ways through the Hoe.com website and mobile apps.

While a single Hoe ePoint is generally worth 1 US cent (¢), the value may be greater when used for certain rewards.



Coupon Offers: Find latest discount coupons and offers for all online shopping websites. Get the latest and up-to-date coupons and cashback on some of the top online shopping sites like Amazon, Paytm and many more.
Videos – Members can discover and watch videos selected by the user, in a similar fashion to YouTube, usually awarding one Hoe ePoint per Video play list.

Daily Poll: Also available on the regular site, a new poll is posted each day, and answering it rewards one Hoe ePoint.

Searching – Hoe.com hosts a custom search engine that will periodically reward registered users with random amounts of Hoe ePoints, ranging from 4 to 1000. Just like the regular site, users can search using the mobile site and periodically earn Hoe points.

Surveys – Members may complete market-research surveys from third parties to receive hoe ePoints. Generally, surveys take longer to complete than other activities, and consequently the payouts are larger on average, ranging from 1 SB to over 1000 SB.

Shopping – Members may use the Shop and Earn feature to shop at a number of popular online e-commerce retailers (Walmart, Target, Apple, Kmart, etc.) and receive a set amount of Hoe ePoints per dollar spent, in a “cash-back” format.

Games – Members may play online casual games to earn Hoe ePoints.


Rewards Store – Users can redeem their Hoe ePoints for a variety of popular retailer gift cards that are delivered in an electronic format, as well as PayPal cash and other redemption options. The site’s most popular rewards include retail gift cards from dozens of top Internet retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Target and others.