Common questions and answers
What do I gain by just signing-up or register on Hoe.com?
As soon as you create an account or sign-up on Hoe.com, you will start earning Hoe ePoints - 5 Hoe ePoints will be immediately added in your account.
What are Hoe ePoints?
HoE ePoints are the electronic currency which you accumulate while using Hoe.com apps for visiting websites, shopping, downloading videos, following suggested connections on Twitter, registering on the website and much more.
What are Rewards?
Rewards are gift cards from major merchant brands like Amazon, Walmart, etc. Every brand has a minimum point limit to unlock its gift card, e.g. Amazon requires 1600 Hoe ePoints and Starbucks requires 2000 Hoe ePoints. So, once you’ve accumulated enough Hoe ePoints to unlock the gift card offered by a particular brand enlisted on Hoe.com, you can redeem those points for the gift card.
What are gift cards?
Gift cards are issued by merchant brands and carry a particular value e.g. $ 50 or $100 with which you can purchase products from the particular brands whose gift cards you own.
Can I sign-in using my google account?
Yes, you can sign-in using your existing google account, without creating or sign-up your new account