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The website gives a forum, which includes a service or product ranking. You may get recommendations of services and products by Home of Expertise. The Rankings' information is given strictly as a source of data for You and is given merely as a convenience. The information represents our analysis and opinion based on objective and subjective criteria. You are recommended to undertake your own investigation and research before engaging services with any firm, regardless of their listing. You agree not to hold Home of Expertise, its affiliates, employees, directors, officers, managers, or members liable for any opinions, comments, descriptions, omissions or errors, representations, or statements posted on the website. By creating and posting such Rankings, Home of Expertise makes no warranties or representation as to the factual basis or accuracy of the Rankings. In compliance with federal law, all the price quotes given on the Rankings are updated on at least a weekly basis. But our evaluation process is continuous development. We may experiment with different processes for our examinations and remove or add specific elements whenever needed. Home of Expertise is a private firm and is not affiliated with any non-profit or government firms. Home of Expertise gets compensation from many of the firms which it ranks. While the recommendations and information contained on this website have been gathered from sources that are seen as reliable, Home of Expertise makes no guarantee and assumes any responsibility for the completeness, sufficiency, or correctness of any such recommendations or information. Other or additional safety precautions may be needed under some particular circumstances.

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