Your Guide To NordVPN For Online Security In 2024

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Based in Panama, NordVPN has claimed rights to over 12 million devices globally. The company was established in 2012, boasting over 170 programmers today, along with security specialists and IT architects.
NordVPN is a brainchild of four childhood friends united towards a single goal - making the internet as free as possible. They aimed at creating an internet free of all geo-restrictions and hacking and free of all censorship.
NordVPN offers free emergency VPN to journalists worldwide with extensive censorship and multiple discounted plans for individuals, organizations, and NGOs. NordVPN’s servers are located in 59 countries and on all continents except Antarctica.

NordVPN - At A Glance

  1. NordVPN has 5,500 international servers
  2. It can support over 6 simultaneous connections
  3. It offers a strict no-log policy
  4. Multiple platforms support NordVPN
  5. It has a robust suite of advanced protections

NordVPN - Complete List of Features

The following are some of the features that NordVPN boasts:
  1. Speedy internet with no bandwidth limits and throttling
  2. It comes with a 256-bit AES encryption
  3. No problems with logging of IP addresses, websites, files, and services that you are visiting
  4. Multiple streaming platforms unblocked
  5. Protects various mobile devices
  6. 5,500 plus servers in 59 countries, across all continents
  7. It covers up to six devices at once
  8. NordVPN app is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Firefox, Chrome, and Linux browsers and devices
  9. Comes with an automatic kill switch
  10. Has a dedicated IP address
  11. Offers P2P sharing
  12. Masks IP addresses
  13. NordVPN can hide activity behind two encrypted servers
  14. Offers enhanced security to block all suspicious activity, malware, and ads
  15. Split tunneling
  16. Global access
  17. 24/7 customer support

NordVPN - How To Purchase and Activate?

The process of purchasing NordVPN is extremely simple and straightforward. All of their plans come with 30-days money-back guarantee.
You can easily purchase the plans on the official websites.
Here is the breakdown of subscription costs of NordVPN plans:
Subscription Costs
NordVPN might not be the cheapest VPN in the market. But they are reliable, powerful, and extremely polished. They are among the most popular and reasonable VPNs in the global markets as far as their features and functionality are concerned.
NordVPN offers three major subscription plans. Regardless of the duration you are selecting; you get full access to almost all of their features.
NordVPN price breakdown
Duration 1 Month 01 Year 2 Years
Cost $11.95 per month $4.92 per month $3.67 per month
Savings None 58 percent 69 percent
Just like other VPN services in the market, the longer a subscription plan is, the better your savings will be, as far as monthly costs are concerned.
For NordVPN, you can sign up for their two-year subscription packages and save as much as 68% on their regular price of $11.95 a month. For their 24-months subscription, you can get access to their entire suite for just $3.71 a month.

Activating NordVPN

When you are first starting up with NordVPN, you will come across the world map, along with a market for every country with servers. The map can be zoomed-in by default; otherwise, it might get difficult to choose from all different servers located across North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.
The country selection offered by NordVPN is extremely impressive, with as many as 60 state-level locations you can choose from. If you just want connectivity in the US without connecting to any specific server, you can just click on the place marker for your specific country. NordVPN will directly connect you.

NordVPN Pros and Cons

  • Amazing Speed
  • No detection of DNS leaks
  • Elevated level of security for professionals and journalists
  • P2P file-sharing available
  • VPN to Tor functionality
  • Affordable prices
  • The setup process can be a bit confusing
  • For specific streaming platforms, there might be no optimization at all
  • Some problems can occur while connecting to different offshore servers

Is NordVPN Right for you?

NordVPN works well for:
  • People who use social media frequently and want to scroll within their private space
  • Users looking for a wide range of features for the price, which also includes kill switches, 24/7 customer services, etc.
  • People who need a dedicated IP address
NordVPN might not be for you, if:
  • You are looking for a VPN that offers you over 6 simultaneous connections
  • You are a shopper for whom low prices are crucial
NordVPN is the right choice if looking for amazing VPN services at a competitive price. The service is not exactly cheap, but at just $11.95 a month, the services are at par with all of their competitors. Not all VPNs in the market offer tunneling for social media platforms, unlike NordVPN. The service is open to streaming access as well, with an all-around pick for its users.
NordVPN is extremely easy to use, fast, reliable, and fully secure. It comes with amazing features that ensure your data and all your personal information are always protected, which is why NordVPN is one of the best in the industry!