A Quick Guide To Medical Guardian Alert System & Equipment

Best Professional Install
Best Money-Back Guarantee
Best Known Brand
Medical Guardian is among the top three best medical alert systems for 2024. The company is based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was founded in 2005. Medical Guardian offers coverage across 50 states in the US. They offer at-home and on-the-go smart medical alert solutions, along with GPS-enabled wearable smartwatches. Like most medical alert systems and equipment organizations, Medical Guardian offers round-the-clock services across the country and 24/7 professional monitoring services.

Medical Guardian - Everything At A Glance

  1. Landline as well as cellular connectivity
  2. Networking connection with AT&T and Verizon
  3. 24/7 professional monitoring
  4. A US-based professional monitoring center
  5. Zero long-term contract
  6. Annual payment plans with discounts
  7. Water-resistant tech
  8. Online care management portal
  9. Zero hidden costs
  10. Fall detection

Covering the basics

Understanding the Setup process
The device can be ordered over the phone as well as online. Medical Guardian representatives will assist you and answer all your questions either on a phone call or through their online live chat function.
The Medical Guardian equipment, along with its charger, belt clip, and a lanyard, will come together in a small kit with instructions to set up clearly. Now, as far as the setup process is concerned, you can simply plug in the charger from the box and place it in for a few hours so that it is all ready to use.
Understanding the mechanism and working
Medical Guardian alert systems and equipment are designed for people with all kinds of needs and medical emergencies. The device helps assist people with health conditions who are prone to falling, fainting, and other delirious mental states. The device is pretty small and can be worn around one’s neck on a lanyard or easily worn around one’s belt or waistband.
If you require help, you simply need to press a button on the surface of their device, and Medical Guardian emergency services will be dispatched almost immediately via WiFi or cellular network. Meanwhile, the monitoring professional will keep talking to the user via speakers until help is reached. The device also features GPS connectivity, which helps people who tend to forget where they are or where they are going. Through GPS connectivity, emergency responders can reach your exact location by tracking you.

Analyzing Cost, Warranty, and Add-ons of Medical Guardian

The overall cost of a Medical Guardian device is around $44.95 a month, which includes one full free month of service along with a lockbox. The lockbox can be used to store your keys safely. The box also features an entry code that emergency responders can use to help you out in cases of emergencies.
A one-year warranty is offered on Medical Guardian’s Freedom Guardian smartwatches. You can also get their optional plans to cover the other equipment if there are any issues like drops and spills. There are also a few exclusions that are not covered by the Medical Guardian’s warranty, like damage because of abuse. Ensure you read all the fine print carefully before investing in one. Their protection plan can be yours for just $6.99 a month, including replacing a base unit and two help buttons for a year.
Add-Ons along with price
Additional Neck or Wrist Pendant
$2.99 per month
Fall Detection
$10 per month
Car Charger
$25 one-time charge No monthly fee
Entryway Key Lockbox
$2.99 per month
Wall-Mounted Button
$2.99 per month
Voice-Activated Wall-Mounted Button
$5.00 per month
Enhanced Emergency Notifications
$2.99 per month
Protection Plan
$6.99 per month

Pros and Cons of Medical Guardian

  • Establish a Medical Alert System and Equipment company based out of Philadelphia
  • Fall Detection is available with the device for no charge
  • WiFi and cellular connectivity
  • Free lockbox with the annual plans
  • Three safety sensors with the Family Guardian’s at-home base unit
  • Pendant for monitoring user’s activity level, along with a free app
  • Spouse monitoring for free upon purchasing the second pendant
  • Easy cancellation process for prepaid plans
  • Refunds are offered on a prorated basis
  • Users are required to sign up and prepay for a year-round monitoring subscription to gain the lowest monthly pricing, free shipping, and lockbox.
  • If anyone wants to use the MobileGuardian services, users should keep a small device nearby.
  • The smartwatch device can cost $99 upfront, along with other monthly fees.

Is Medical Guardian Right For You?

If you are looking for the cheapest medical alert system in the market, Medical Guardian might not be your first choice. Medical Guardian does come with its price but is a great choice for all older adults, whether home-bound or travelers at heart. Medical Guardian’s in-home and mobile devices will fit most budget and lifestyle categories. If you or someone you love has a history of falling or fainting, their fall detection is a must-have addition. All the systems can be easily equipped with their lifesaving technology just for $10 a month extra.