The Best Family Alert Systems in 2024

Family members are always concerned about close ones that have reached a certain age or have infirmities that need attention. But they cannot give the full-time attention that they require. This is where the best family alert systems come in. These systems help individuals contact their family members in case of any emergency. In our guide, you will learn about the best family alert systems present in 2024.

Best Family Alert Systems

Friends & Family SOS Button

Rating: 6.8/10
  • Small form factor
  • Clear voice quality
  • Limited functionality
  • Build quality can be better
The Friends & Family SOS button is an unobtrusive and tiny alarm that automatically rings up a few mobile or landline numbers one after the other until answered. It allows the user to call through the pendant. An emergency call button for senior citizens that calls friends and family can give peace of mind to family and friends and give the user the desired independence. The emergency call buttons that call friends and family function by storing the phone numbers of certain contacts in them. When any user presses the SOS button, the system will ring the first name on the given list. If the call is not picked up, it will go on to the subsequent names on the list, and so on. The calls do not stop for certain alarms on the market until they are picked up. The alarm gives a text message to all the nominated contacts for many other alarms on the market. It rings them until the calls are answered.
This way, the call may be answered by voicemail, but all the contacts get a text alert. The system knows that voicemail is not a genuine answer to a call. Thus, it will not stop trying the contacts if the call goes over to voicemail. This emergency call alarm button for the elderly is a reliable and convenient way of keeping in touch. The pendant alarms have an elderly call for assistance button that is quickly accessible. When pushed, it will trigger a call to the nominated contacts. A buyer can select from several of the family monitored personal alarms provided. If you are a person who enjoys going out of the house, then you can go for other models by the firm that are completely mobile and have fall detection and GPS tracking. Suppose a user wants protection only when they are at home. In that case, the personal alarm will keep them connected with no monthly charges. The alarms will contact friends and family by pressing the call for help button.

FreedomAlert – Family Alert Phone

Rating: 7/10
  • Detects window door activity
  • Detects motion
  • Needs internet connectivity at home
  • A little pricey
FreedomAlert is a programmable voice pendant communicator and has no monthly fees. The pendant converses with the base station, which has a connection with the phone system. The base station is programmed so that when the button is pushed, the system calls neighbors, friends, or family in the order that you have given. If the programmed contacts are not reachable, the system will call the emergency services. The safety packages utilize motion sensors, window sensors, and door sensors that connect to a web-based application using a gateway to monitor the basic activity, giving indications and alerts to the caregivers. Passive detectors around the house can indicate activity, or the absence thereof, so that family and friends can watch guardians without being intrusive.
For example, a motion detector placed in the kitchen can inform a son sitting hundreds of miles away when his father comes down for breakfast. Another sensor might remind him that the front door is open. In all cases, the system will signal his smartphone or computer. The safety package helps you to choose among several devices, either window & door sensors or motion sensors. The sensors are quickly attached and detached and communicate wirelessly with the default gateway. The system needs internet connectivity in the house. It connects to the health monitoring software that allows setting reminders for doctor visits and medicine, scheduling appointments, and tracking data.

MyNotifi Fall Detection System

Rating: 8.9/10
  • No need to push a button
  • No monthly fees
  • Requires smartphone to work
  • Users might forget to wear
MyNotifi is a fall detection tech created to alert friends and family if any fall happens. The wearer gets both a wristband and a belt clip for greater flexibility in many situations. There is no contract, monthly fees, or landline. The MyNotifi devices function at all the places where the user goes, giving peace of mind, freedom, and independence. The device can be worn discreetly on the wrist, waistline, bra, pocket, or in a shirt. This is among the only products in the industry that gives the user the selection of how and where to wear the device.


The best family alert systems on the market give the peace of mind required by family and friends to take care of their elderly contacts. These devices ensure that the elderly feel safe and connected at all times. Our guide on the best family alert systems has given a variety of such devices present on the market today.