Norton Review: One Of The Best Antivirus Softwares

Expert’s Rating: 9/10
When you go from basic antivirus to a complete security suite, you expect the protection to get a major boost, and our Norton review shows that the software does not let you down. This has been proved with our tests. The basic antivirus from the firm only protects on macOS or Windows devices. The Norton suite protects iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices. It gives Parental Controls, Dark Web Monitoring, a full-powered VPN, and more. The users of Windows get more enhancements, including hosted storage for online backups and online banking protection. As you may notice, this great antivirus suite has a lot of functionality, and it is well worth the cost.
  • Near-perfect protection
  • Strong VPN
  • Online backup for Windows only
  • Protection restricted on Apple devices

Norton Review: Dark Web Monitoring

The firm purchased an identity theft mitigation service nearly five years ago. Since then, the top Norton suites have had varying levels of identity theft protection. The present suite does not have a subscription to the same service, but some tech powers the Dark Web Monitoring function. Even before a user does anything to configure the function, they may get an alert on the email address associated with the Norton account. But the main monitoring starts when the users log into Dark Web Monitoring from the dashboard and chalk you the collection of personal information. The monitoring page lists many types of personal data, including email, gamer tag, mother's maiden name, insurance, address, credit cards, and bank accounts.
The page also points out that the basic plan does not monitor as many types of information as the other plans with the theft protection feature. We went through the list and added an item of all the types. By doing so, we found out that a user gets to add only a single mother's maiden name and driver's license, more than nine gamer tags, credit cards, and bank accounts, and more than four of the remaining data types. The software is quite smart. Rather than requesting the credit card type, it finds it out based on the number that you enter.

Norton Review: VPN

Over the past many years, users have become more aware of boosting the local antivirus protection with a VPN or a Virtual Private Network. Security firms have responded by licensing VPN tech or developing their own VPN. They have also begun to add the VPN as a component of various security suites. But the users of such suites have often got nothing more than the feature-limited and free VPN of the firms. For instance, all the products from Panda include a VPN. But the VPN use is restricted to about a hundred GB per day except for the costly top-tier Panda suite. Bitdefender and Kaspersky also give bandwidth-limited VPN support. They also charge more than fifty dollars per year to lift that restriction. With this suite, users get the complete power of the VPN on more than four of the devices.
After a discount in the first year, users will have to pay eighty dollars per year for the VPN as standalone software. But getting it as a part of the software is a big bargain. Please note that this component is completely integrated with My Norton. You can click to modify the Settings, and you will get a page within the dashboard. Click to select a region from the VPN, and it gives a selection list, again as a portion of the dashboard. Most of the time, the user will just click on the button in the main display to enable or disable the VPN protection.

Norton Review: Webcam Security

Some of the personal data of the user translate into money easily. A robber who steals your bank account or credit card details can typically wire a little cashout, even if you quickly shut down the compromised account. The creepier types of spyware take control of the webcam in the laptop and activate it without the tell-tale light and look at wherever you may be situated. The spyware protection system looks to keep the peepers from misusing the webcam. Like the similar function in Kaspersky, SafeCam allows the camera access for known programs. Suppose an unknown program looks to activate the camera. In that case, the firm gives a warning and allows the user to block or allow that program, always or just once. When users have installed a new video communication software, they can feel free to interact with the pop-up by allowing access. Users could block the camera access if it were not triggered by them.


In the Norton review, we found a suite that starts with an antivirus with great scores and has a great set of bonus security components. It develops the foundation with a great collection of features. It has the expected features such as defense against exploit attacks, firewall protection, spam filtering, and less common features such as online backup and system clean-up.