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There are hundreds of home security choices to select, from the huge national home security company with many monitoring centers to various DIY systems that you can survey from your smart device. The top alarm system for your home makes life more comfortable and safer without feeling too complicated or breaking your budget. But what does a home security company provide that makes everything possible? Our page will help you decipher everything about home security systems.

Home security features

Before selecting a type of system from a home security company, ask yourself what you need to safeguard. Do you require a nanny cam for the small ones or monitors to catch the leaky pipes? Security systems do a lot more than keep the intruders out of your house. They can communicate with the kids when they get back home from school or inform you when the delivery package arrives at the door. The correct equipment package, features, and payment plan hinges on what you need to do with the system from the home security company. There are a few main types of home security system packages available in the present market. These are environmental monitoring, security equipment, and home automation. Smart home automation includes smart tech that adjusts to the preferences and schedule of your family.
The home automation can keep the lights switched on when you are not in the city or allow the dog walker in when you are out of the home. The usual home security equipment such as outdoor cameras, glass break detectors, and burglar alarms are good if you are worried about any issues such as vandalism, theft, or intrusion. Equipment monitoring includes leak detectors, pipe freeze detectors, and smoke alarms. Families that have older houses should seek equipment in this class.

Common home security equipment and features

We have compiled a list of the standard system equipment given by any usual home security company. The firms tend to bundle the equipment differently. So, it is good to keep your priorities in sight as you browse through all the product packages. The following features and devices are available from nearly every security firm.


Window & Door Sensors
The window & door sensor is two-part equipment that can monitor the entry points to your houses, such as windows and doors or anything that closes and opens, such as vaults and closets. This sensor trips when the components lose contact with each other. If the security system is armed, you will be notified of the activities. It is typically installed by utilizing a double-sided adhesive that comes included. We advise that you install one in each exterior door, the windows on the first floor, and the windows on the subsequent floors that can be accessed easily.
Contact Sensors
This equipment is similar but a little different from the window & door sensor. It is a recessed door sensor. It is installed in the door jambs to give extra secrecy, unlike the window & door sensors that are very visible.
Motion Sensor
The motion sensor is given by a home security company to find out any movement in your house. Like the window & door sensor, it sticks to the wall using glue and will probably be battery operated. If any room has more than one window, utilizing a motion sensor is more sensible. If situated correctly, a solo motion sensor can monitor the movements in a room. There are many varieties of this device as several firms integrate the additional tech to differentiate between unusual movement and everyday movement. For instance, a few firms give pet-immune motion sensors that are very useful for pet-owners. The smart motion sensors include PIR tech, while several have a camera that takes low-resolution still images when any motion is detected.
Glass Break Sensor
The glass break sensor is trained to detect forced entry by listening for the sound of any breaking glass, which might signal a break-in. The glass break sensor trips when it gets any sound of glass breaking. It is best utilized in spaces with big sliding windows or doors. Many glass break sensors can detect glass breakage in a single direction and are best installed on any wall opposite the glass window or door that it monitors. Others are mounted on the ceiling and can monitor for the sound of the glass from any direction.
Garage Door Tilt Sensor
This sensor looks for the tilting motion when any garage door opens when the system is armed. Unlike the window & door sensors, the tilt sensor is only a single piece of equipment that easily sticks on the garage door.
Environment Monitoring
Users can also add environmental monitoring devices to the security system from any home security company. They are sometimes also known as life safety sensors. These detectors and sensors protect you from any environmental elements that can cause great damage to the property and even loss of life if it is left unchecked in any way. These may be self-monitored or professionally monitored to alert you in the event of extreme temperature changes, floods, carbon monoxide, or excess smoke.
  • Smoke Alarm or Detector
    This equipment from any home security company screens the house for the presence of excess smoke. This sensor will trigger when the smoke is detected. An alarm is a common feature of nearly all smoke detectors. It will emit an audible and loud siren when it is triggered. Most smoke detectors are professionally monitored regardless of whether the system is disarmed or armed. An activated sensor will then alert the proper monitoring center, contacting the authorities. If the plan supports it, your equipment may also give a mobile alert to any emergency contact, email, or phone.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
    This sensor monitors the house for the presence of carbon monoxide. It is a dangerous natural gas. The sensor trips if it detects any large amounts of carbon monoxide. Suppose the sensor is professionally monitored, as several such detectors are. In that case, the monitoring center will be notified whether the system is disarmed or armed.
  • Water & Flood Leak Sensors
    These types of sensors monitor the house for any water leaks. While this sensor is not usually professionally monitored, it will give a notification when water is detected so that any leak can be identified and repaired before increasing into a full-fledged flood.
  • Temperature & Freeze Sensor
    This sensor monitors the house for extreme fluctuations in temperature. They can detect malfunctioning HVAC systems, freezing pipes, and other occurrences. Such sensors may not be linked to any monitoring center like flood sensors. But they are designed to notify the moment a potential risk is detected.
  • Yard Signs & Window Decals
    These adhesive stickers are placed in any visible window. Pike signs on the front yard are a good method to let potential intruders find out if your house is protected or not. You can also add a protective film layer to block visibility into your house for more prominent windows.

Some Useful Camera Sensor Features

The home security industry has seen quite a few tech advancements. The cameras coming in the present times give many great features. One of the top features is motion activation or event-based recording. It is a feature that makes the camera record as soon as it detects any type of motion. This is a good method to save power. You can turn the camera on at night before bedtime so that they can record if there is some suspicious activity going on. You can also get professional monitoring of your camera feeds. It takes your home security to the next level. Live guards monitor the house. The guards will notify the relevant authorities themselves if there is any robbery attempt with the help of real-time monitoring.


The modern home security systems have many technologically-advanced sensors that can keep your home and your family completely protected. Professional monitoring is also giving heightened security alongside these sensors. The advent of some of the top home security firms in the nation is also helping homeowners feel completely assured about the safety of their families and belongings.