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Learning about home and personal safety doesn’t have to be complicated. hoe.com, we simplify the search for safety products by providing people with comprehensive comparisons and easy-to-read research on the latest technologies and tools available. With over 250 years of combined experience, our experts spend countless hours compiling safety data so that you can choose security solutions confidently and decisively.

Our Story

Our website was created from a desire to give accurate and fair home security system reviews in an industry with many incorrect and unfair user sentiments. Our domain is a home security review website developed to bring the users and experts together to highlight the top home security firms in the industry. The domain employs the top experts to review and research the home security firms by utilizing its averaged ranking from several different home security review websites. We think every user should feel secure and safe here on our website. But with several so-called authorities in this field, it is not easy to find out who you can put your faith in. This is why we have put all the cards on the table in front of you. Our group of researchers, advisors and security experts is here for you.

With a combined experience of many years in security and law enforcement, we have many qualified people to assist you in making the planet a safer place. Every detailed resource, tool, and guide that we develop, we assist real people to get quality solutions. Getting better ways to stay secure and safe should be easy and quick. And very importantly, it should also be engaging and precise. Our expert research ticks all the boxes and more. This is why our website is rapidly becoming the top resource for security and safety on the internet.

What Makes Us Unique

These days, there are many review sites for home security on the internet. All the sites have their own reviews. But they do not have the insights of the top experts from the industry. Our website approaches these expert reviews in a very different manner. Initially, we utilize real experts to go deep into the world of home security. The experts are well aware of the home and personal security industry. Then, we go and converse with the respective home security firms. Our info comes from the main source. Following that, we try to keep it as unbiased as possible. Our averaged ranking system assists in discovering the overall online consensus of each firm from the expert websites.

Expert Organization Reviews

Our team continuously perseveres to raise the bar for researching home security products and services. The whole team has been selected very carefully for their expertise in this field. Our experts have dedicated their lives to keeping the good guys safe and putting the bad guys where they belong. Our team is passionate about the goal of keeping seniors safe and sound from identity theft, package theft, and home burglaries. Our website takes a research-centric path to connect users with the correct resources. All the resources we develop are backed by correct studies and aim to empower and equip users with info that really matters. There is no hidden agenda, bias, or fluff. Our users get trustworthy recommendations and advice straight from the security experts of the industry.

We use these security industry experts to research and create reviews. Behind the curtain of the website is a team with a unique skill set and experience. Our website is a resource and a platform. We are not just another review website with a person sitting on a couch ranking the firms based on affiliate payouts. Our domain aims to combine the top experts with the top consumer voices.

Our Mission

The home security industry has expanded during the past decade. This has been more so in connection with the tragic events happening on a regular basis in the nation. During this period, several home security firms and home security dealers have propped up throughout the entire nation. Many of these security firms have tried to sincerely give reliable and quality protection at a good price. But many security firms have blurred the lines of ethical conduct and charged unknowing users obscene amounts of money for minimal service. Our website is committed to assisting in differentiating the best from the worst. Rather than finding out the worst firms, we are looking to praise and bring to light the top home security firms in the industry.

For a long time, users have trusted us for smart home and security advice, and we do not take that lightly at all. In our collective experience, not everyone has the same situation. Maybe a person lives in an apartment, has a tight budget, or travels a lot, and our reviews take care of that. We test all the products, have exhaustive research, and discuss our findings, which can get combative at times. Then, we develop reviews and resources that make it simple for you to choose your options and make a smart home or security purchase that you will be satisfied with.

Leveraging Technology to Keep Users Safe

Access to cutting-edge tech allows our team to undertake the most rigorous research that can be done. With nearly unlimited data points available to use, combined with the experience of our experts, insights from industry pros, and vetted user submissions, we are able to paint a complete picture for the users. Giving this level of research-rich insights on security and safety topics has never been done before this. Genuinely, we are pioneering a revolution in how users learn about personal and home security. So, we can assist users in narrowing down their choices to get the correct fit, whether you are looking for senior care solutions, identity theft protection, or a home security system. After all, our firm exists to assist users like you remain secure and safe.

Resources That Inspire

It is not sufficient to develop and publish resources on security and safety. We are totally committed to telling stories that inspire others. That is why our research has interactive imagery and enhanced visuals. We think that data can be both fun and precise. It only requires the right touch. So, our team goes to great lengths to convey our research to positively impact the people. We say that security does not have to be complex. It does not have to be too dull either.

We Are Here for You

Personal and home security is the main priority for most citizens of this country. So, when it comes to safeguarding your family and yourself, you should never rely on inaccurate or outdated info. The stakes are very high for you to do that. You should easily find the required guides, security research, and other resources in a single place. We think that every user deserves open and free access to resources and info to safeguard against any security threats far and near. And that is why we function as we do. We develop quality resources and research, distilled in an easy and fun way to read. Rest assured, our website will continue to deliver the full security info available anywhere offline or online. And that is a promise we will keep. Our website believes that our houses and the people we share them with are significant.

Protecting the who and where in our lives gives us more time to enjoy everything. Our website streamlines it for the users by placing articles, videos, and reviews in a single place. Our website contextualizes national safety and crime trends to determine how they affect the users and their neighborhoods. We utilize this information to examine security and safety products and discover whether they are worth your time. When we get gaps or flaws in coverage or a practice that does not look good to us, we let the users and the brands know about that. This is because honesty is excellent, but a change in the industry is even better.

Our Promise

Our core principles are what sets us apart. We believe in service through purpose. We are encouraged by the pursuit of peace and safety of mind for our users. Our service is driven by protecting what matters the most. We also think about security in every detail. Our website obsesses over the details to enjoy their lives without thinking about home security. We aim to be always available. Our website is committed to meeting the security requirements of our users at all times. We have a strict standard of care. Our website is completely accountable to our stakeholders, colleagues, and users, no matter the circumstances. Finally, we believe in collective success. By functioning to bring out the best in each other, our website gives our users the highest standard of protection and service.