A Quick Guide To ExpressVPN For Online Security In 2024

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ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPNs in the industry that appeals to most users worldwide. Their services are known for high-speeds, their ability to unblock almost all streaming services around the globe, including Netflix, and offering decent server selections. ExpressVPN comes with amazing policies and can support up to five devices simultaneously.
This is your guide to understanding ExpressVPN for the online security of yourself and your loved ones this year.

Express VPN - At A Glance

  1. Amazingly fast speed. No other VPNs perform better at a long distance.
  2. A vast server network with over 3,000 servers in 90 different locations.
  3. ExpressVPN comes with military-grade encryption with highly advanced security features.
  4. ExpressVPN helps keep your connection to the world anonymous with its advanced technology and features.
  5. The company is reliable and completely dedicated to online privacy.
  6. They come with a strict no-logs policy that emphasizes protecting their customers.
  7. Comes with native apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.
  8. Comes with a user-friendly, feature-rich app for all major operating systems.
  9. ExpressVPN offers great value for money, especially with its long-term packages.
  10. Since ExpressVPN is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, which is self-governed and not a member of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes, the organization cannot be forced to leak any customer data.

Features of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is completely worth its price, which is why it comes under the list of some of the best VPNs in the world. Here are the top features of ExpressVPN:
  1. ExpressVPN comes with a strict logging policy. It does not hold onto major web traffic, IP addresses, DNS queries as well as metadata.
  2. The VPN comes with highly-rated applications for iOS and Android, with no specific issues for connecting to the VPN on mobile devices. Their applications are intuitive and user-friendly.
  3. ExpressVPN has great speed when it comes to downloading and uploading. There is no noticeable slowdown on both Mac and Windows.
  4. You can toggle back and forth between private and public networks with ExpressVPN’s split tunneling.
  5. ExpressVPN works with Netflix and other streaming websites.

ExpressVPN works with everything.

Most people do not come close to relying on five connections in one go, but if anyone has such needs, their simultaneous-device policy can work for them in the following manner:
ExpressVPN offers you an easy way to use the following platforms together:
  1. Mac, Windows, Chromebook, and Linux computers
  2. iOS, Android, NookHD, Kindle Fire, and SurfaceRT mobile devices
  3. Fire TV and Fire TV stick by Amazon and Android TV systems
  4. Most supported WiFi routers
One can connect up to 5 devices to ExpressVPN at the same time, in any possible combination.

Cost of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has an accommodating price plan that offers its customers many options. One can choose to purchase their standard monthly plan for just $13/month, which offers immense value for money. The plan is equipped with an array of features.
However, unlike other VPN services, ExpressVPN has a unique cost structure. So, instead of opting for their standard yearly plan or their two-year plan, one can choose between their 15-months or six-months plans as well.
Their six-months plan will cost $60 upfront and can be billed bi-annually. The plan is amazing for people who need reliable VPN services for just a short period of time and are looking to reduce their monthly average bill overall.
The price plans by ExpressVPN demonstrate the organization’s willingness to adapt as per the needs of the customers and bring out solutions that fit them best.
Their 15-months plan can cost $194 upfront, but ExpressVPN frequently offers multiple discounts and deals to customers.
Recently, their 15-months plan was available to purchase for only $100 for the first time, and then again at $100 for the next 12 months. So, for 27-months of ExpressVPN’s services, you will be spending only $200.
For every single one of ExpressVPN’s plans, one can get a full refund within 30-days if you are not happy with the services. ExpressVPN indeed has an extremely consumer-friendly cost structure.

Does ExpressVPN offer free trials?

ExpressVPN does offer free trials for seven days, on both Android and iOS, just like other free VPNs and their free trials.
If you are interested in ExpressVPN’s free trials, all you need to do is download the official app from the dedicated app store or play store. Try out the free trial to test out the VPN services. If you like the services, you can purchase the plan, but if you are not interested in continuing after seven days, you need to cancel your subscription during those seven days; otherwise, your card will be charged.
Conversely, if you purchase the plan and decide you are not satisfied with the services, you can get a full refund as per ExpressVPN’s 30-days money-back guarantee policy.

Is ExpressVPN right for you?

ExpressVPN is a top-quality contender in the market that exceeds the expectations of users in every way possible. They offer great platform support and consumer as well as data privacy. The platform is easy to use, has great unblocking features, and offers round-the-clock diligent support for its users. It is a little expensive but is one of the best in the market. ExpressVPN is powerful, professional, and polished!