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Identity Guard was founded in 1996 as Intersections Inc. The technology relies on the artificial intelligence capabilities of the Watson systems by IBM, which is known to mine data and gather all the insights regarding any and all potential identity theft concerns.
Their partnership with Watson computing systems offers people a unique opportunity to protect people’s identities. Their cognitive computing system can predict what online practices help increase the risk of online identity theft. The computing system also scans all social media posts and articles to gather intel on any form of identity theft. Moreover, they also deliver warnings if your bank or credit card company is subject to phishing attacks.
Of all the plans by Identity Guard, three are specifically catered to individuals as well as families. These plans include the budgeted Basic plan, Total plan, and the Ultra Plan.
Identity Guard is one of the biggest identity theft protectors for people, thanks to their comprehensive monitoring services. The fact that their plans come with identity theft insurance adds icing to the cake.

Identity Guard - Features at a glance

  1. Criminal Monitoring
  2. Sex Offender Monitoring
  3. Financial Accounts Monitoring
  4. Risk Management Reports
  5. Safe and Secure Browsing Tools
  6. Comprehensive Household Safety Tools

How does Identity Guard work?

Identity Guard offers identity theft protection services. Their mechanism works by monitoring your financial accounts, credit reports, as well as other personal data on your computers to keep track of any and all suspicious activities. Identity Guard alerts people as soon as any suspicious activity is noted and reports as soon as any unusual information is found. This helps people stop all kinds of frauds right at the beginning

How to buy an Identity Guard?

To buy Identity Guard plans to protect yourself and your family, follow these steps:
  1. Compare all plans first. Visit the official Identity Guard website, where you can find all three plans clearly laid out. Compare which one suits you best.
  2. Open an account on the official website by signing up. Provide your personal details like your name, contact details, and address. After this, choose your password.
  3. Provide some more information. Identity Guard will want to know your personal information to monitor you better. This will include your Social Security Number, Credit Card Information, Bank account details, etc.
  4. Read all the fine print clearly, including privacy and terms of use, which explain how this information will be used and stored for future purposes.

Identity Guard Plans

Plan Individual Monthly Individual Annual Family Monthly Family Annual
Value $7.50/month $89.99/year $12.50/month $150/year
Total $16.67/month $199/year $25/month $299.99/year
Ultra $25/month $239/year $33.33/month $319.99/year

Cost of Identity Guard System

Identity Guard has three different types of plans for its users:
1. Value
The value plan offers basic identity protection services and can cost you $7.50 a month. You can avail of deals directly from the website and save up to 26% off on the regular prices.
2. Total
The Standard Identity Guard package offers protection for you and your loved ones for just $16.67 a month, with savings up to 33% over the regular prices.
3. Ultra
The Premium package offers protection for you and your loved ones for $25.00 a month, with a 33% discount on the original price.
All three plans will offer users features like:
  • Data breach notifications
  • Risk Management reports
  • Dark web monitoring
  • High-risk transaction monitoring
  • Safe browsing tools
  • Back account monitoring
The Ultra Plan by Identity Guard, which is also one of the most expensive plans, offers all the users with comprehensive protection for the following features as well:
  • Social Media Insight Report
  • Credit and debit monitoring
  • Criminal activity and sex offender monitoring
  • 401(k) monitoring
  • Investment monitoring
  • Home title monitoring
  • USPS address changes monitoring

Pros and Cons of Identity Guard

  • Annual subscriptions come with a discount
  • Identity theft insurance offered with $1 million on specific plans
  • Fully US-based customer services
  • Few plans inclusive of credit scores
  • People cannot pay for their credit scores from all three credit bureaus
  • No credit monitoring in the basic Value Plan
  • The broadest plans are somewhat expensive

Is Identity Guard meant for you?

For people looking for identity theft protection without costing them a fortune, you will be definitely satisfied with their budgeted Value Plan. However, you can easily upgrade your services with more robust coverage when you have valuable data you want to protect. All Identity Guard plans come along with essential insurance coverage as well, which help save people’s finances if ever you become a victim of fraudulent activity.
With significant discounts on their subscription plans, you will not mind paying for a year’s worth of protection upfront.
All in all, Identity Guard is great for families and people working from home! It is a great investment.