Editorial Guidelines

Our Editorial Standards and Methods

Everything we develop in our websites, such as tools, guides, research, and comparison, goes through strict editing and fact-checking. The editorial team and safety experts adhere to these editorial standards for objectivity and preciseness. In undertaking our in-house research, we only utilize credible and authoritative peer-reviewed statistics and studies. Our goal is to be extremely readable and professional when conveying our findings. Keeping this in mind, our readers will get a colloquial tone and voice in the guides and research. This tries to keep the user engaged and make the research vibrant. Our domain is not a site with an industry association. Our firm seeks to provide people with real solutions to remain completely safe.

We Do Not Sell Services or Products

We do not give any safety and security services or make any products on our website. Nor do we attempt to sell any services or products directly on our site. Such activities will not fulfill our mission of educating the users on the present options on the market to keep their families safe and secure their houses. In most cases, we find services and products, and we link to the site of the provider or the maker. But we are not an online retailer in any sense. But our firm is a trusted source to get the info you want to make a great purchase decision.

Our Focus is Only on Personal and Home Security

Most firms want to be a lot of things to many people. However, this absence of focus does not strengthen a brand in several situations. It does not allow it to help the users truly. On our website, we only cover and research some topics. These include home automation and home security systems, medical alert systems, and identity theft protection. We know a lot about these topics. These are the areas where we give the biggest value to the readers.

Our Commitment to Transparency

We aim at total transparency in everything that we do. Keeping this in mind, the readers will get clear earnings disclosures and open disclaimers on our site. Our site also looks for transparency in all the content that we publish. This is true for any resource such as a guide or review. Our site gives the complete picture of a service or product. We also chalk out the various advantages and disadvantages of all the safety systems. Our site offers the users everything they want to make a great decision regarding home safety systems. For our users, the transparency of this website is a great asset.

Plagiarism Policy

The research is always done by our own team on our website and is completely original. In only some cases, we utilize precise words from external sources. There are proprietary features and tech specs of a specific home security system that must be provided in the interest of correctness and clarity. Our website stringently enforces the plagiarism policy. We have no tolerance for any such plagiarism. In all our time operating this website, we have never had any problems with plagiarism. We always ensure that the correct safeguards prevent any such occurrence.