The Best Identity Alert Systems in 2024

Are you seeking to safeguard your identity? You are not alone. ID theft and data breaches are happening with greater regularity. This puts your identity, bank account, social security number, and personal information at high risk. If you are concerned about such happenings, you may want to begin using one of the best identity alert systems we are presenting here to get ID protection, monitoring services, and identity theft protection.

The Best Identity Alert Systems

Identity Guard

  • AI scans millions of articles
  • Monthly vantage credit score
  • No specific computer tool package
  • Gives credit reports on an annual basis
Founded nearly 25 years ago, Identity Guard utilizes the artificial intelligence abilities of IBM's Watson computing system to get data and insights about potential threats of identity theft. The company states that it has the shortest average response time for any credit report inquiries made with the credit bureaus TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. The software has also got numerous awards in the past. This is because of its near-real-time notification of any frauds that could lead to major identity thefts. If you seek identity theft protection that does not cost a lot, you may be happy with the bottom-tier Value plan of the software. But, you can upgrade for greater coverage if you have more accounts and assets to protect. The plans come with vital insurance coverage that will save your finances if you become a victim of any type of fraud.
Better yet, users can get a big discount if they do not mind paying for annual protection upfront. Identity Guard provides great value for families and individuals. But users should compare all the best identity theft firms before making a final decision. Overall, it is one of the best identity alert systems on the market.


  • Gives device and computer protection through a partnership with Norton 360
  • Includes personal expense compensation and stolen funds reimbursement
  • Plans are priced higher than those of rivals
  • The family plan is priced at an extra six dollars per child
LifeLock had traversed a long path since it was subject to several Federal Trade Commission investigations and lawsuits from credit reporting agencies and users, which were ultimately settled nearly seven years ago. Symantec bought it for more than two billion dollars a few years later. The firm has even been in advertisements where the founder has publicly posted his Social Security number. This is a statement regarding his confidence in the protection services offered by LifeLock. He did get many instances of identity theft based on the public post. Still, the theft protection services of the products helped him recover each time. The firm gives a broad range of identity protection and monitoring options. This includes savings and checking account application alerts, home title monitoring, ID verification monitoring, and stolen wallet protection.
The ID theft protection services from the firm range from seven dollars to nineteen dollars a month for the first year. There is also a reimbursement that ranges from twenty thousand to a million dollars, but it depends on the monitoring plan. The lower-priced protection services monitor only the credit from a single credit bureau. The expensive identity theft protection plan looks after all the major credit bureaus. You can also pull credit reports annually, but the service will give you a monthly credit score. The fraud alert services on suspicious activities such as credit card activities and crimes committed in the user's name, dark web monitoring, and SSN alerts all function very well, despite stumbling in the past.


  • Gives great identity protection, including less typical features
  • Social media identity monitoring is present in all plans
  • Only a couple of plans are given
  • No refunds for users who cancel the service
IdentityForce gives a couple of tiers of service: UltraSecure and Ultra Secure Plus Credit. The latter include credit scores and reports. We enjoyed how the credit score monitoring watches all the reporting agencies and gives a visual tracker that lets you find out your credit rating over time. The IdentityForce software includes a lot of features beyond credit information. It looks for public information records, payday loan applications, arrest, and court records, address changes, and looks for identity information on many illegal identity-sharing sites to act as a watchman from identity thieves. The firm also monitors various sex offender registries to determine if your name has been associated with any of those things. It also tracks SSN for new associations or usages with new names.
The mobile app has also been updated with the Mobile Attack Control function. This feature monitors the phone for insecure Wi-Fi locations, spyware, and fraudulent networks that look like legitimate connections but are not so. Also, the phone app gives alerts if any security issues are being monitored by the software that requires instant attention. The firm did not disclose the frequency of the monitoring service beyond the credit reporting agencies. But, we enjoyed how the firm has a great credit score simulator that can assist you in understanding how various balance transfers, payments, and balances might have a big impact on the credit score. The software also gives a trial period of a couple of weeks.


The best identity alert systems assist in proactively monitoring suspicious activity, safeguarding your identity, and helping with recovery if a user becomes a victim of any data breach. So, eliminate any identity theft worries with this guide of the best identity alert systems of 2024.