When you go through our reviews, you’ll often encounter the term “SecureScore.” But what does it mean? Let’s find out.

What is SecureScore?

SecureScore is the measure of how our products and services are holding up against all review processes and rigorous testing standards.

How is SecureScore Calculated?

SecureScore is measured against a standardized scale that ranges from 0-10. The scores give you a brief understanding and comparison of our products and services. The measurement scale is simple, and the numbers assigned on the scale are pretty specific.

Every single SecureScore is measured against a decimal point, and the overall score is determined as per the individual scores assigned per product/service category. These individual scores are ascertained based on product/service value, ease of use, and customer satisfaction.

Our SecureScore scoring system focuses on all essential details and factors affecting the capability of our products and services arbitrarily, including sustainability, product/service history, and ethics.

Here’s why Thousands of Americans Trust SecureScore

Most reviews take the help of numbers and grades in order to summarize their findings. We created our own scoring system with its own name since it is essential to what we do here.

With the help of SecureScore, we are trying to narrow down individual categories that add objectivity to our scoring system. SecureScore offers us a simple way to make comparisons and find the right security solutions to protect you and your loved ones.

SecureScore ratings are clear and reliable. Each of those ratings directly comes from reviews that result from meticulous research, hands-on testing, and dexterity.

Our proficient researchers and virtuous team of writers build all the reviews methodically, allowing us to allot certain scores to every category based on careful and objective calculations.

So, what you see with every SecureScore by us is the precise result of our review process. We understand that our readers might not have the time and the right set of resources to unearth their own expertise on all products and services. Hence, we discovered our own set of objective expertise to research and offer you the metrics you can trust completely.